Receding Gums: Are Dental Implants Still an Option?

Before an oral surgeon makes the decision to provide a patient with dental implants, there are certain factors they must take into consideration. Chief among these is the overall health and condition of the patient. In most cases, an oral surgeon will find a way to make the implant work for the patient. One of the factors that must often be addressed is the issue of receding gums.

Receding gums occur when whenever the gums pull away from the teeth. This can happen for any number of reasons but the most common reason is that patients sometimes brush too hard. While this condition may not sound very severe at first, it is actually one of the most difficult conditions to work around when a patient is in need of dental implants.

Your oral surgeon will examine receding gums closely to ensure that your dental implants will be fully supported. Another issue is the fact that if your gums have receded to a certain point, the implant will be partially visible through your gums, creating an unfavorable discolored appearance.

There are a few options available to patients with gum recession who are considering dental implants. Among these solutions is a procedure known as a gum graft. This treatment involves removing gum tissue from an area of the mouth, usually the roof of the mouth (palate). That bit of gum will then be attached to the area that is affected by the receding gums. This process not only prevents further gum recession, but it can also help support the dental implants.

Without procedures like a gum graft, your gums can continue to recede which, in turn, can often cause the bone of your jaw to recede as well. This can lead to a long term problem that can potentially cause numerous hassles in the future.

Of course, one particular option may not be the best fit for every patient. Given this, if you have receding gums and are considering dental implants, contact the office of Ford Moore Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at 905-853-3727 to learn more about your options.