Tooth Extraction: What are my treatment options?

If you are facing an upcoming tooth extraction, then you’ve probably got a lot on your mind. Beyond the details of the actual extraction procedure, you’ll need to figure out how to move forward. Should you replace the missing tooth now, later, or never? What are your tooth replacement options?

For most patients, replacing a missing tooth is a necessity, and dental implants can provide the most satisfying and effective resolution. There are other alternatives for replacing extracted teeth, such as dentures, partials, and bridges, although implants continue to provide optimal esthetics and function.

The predictability and success of the dental implant can be largely attributed to its construction and design. The posts that support these prosthetic teeth are made from titanium and uniquely textured for biocompatibility. This means that, not only is the implant post inserted into the bone like a real tooth root, but it will not be rejected by the body, and it will eventually become integrated with the bone through a process called osseointegration.

With proper healing, the dental implant post becomes a permanent part of your body. Now, it can be capped with a beautiful dental crown and begin performing in the same capacity as your natural teeth.

Whenever possible, plans for your dental implant should be made prior to the extraction of the tooth. This enables your oral surgeon to perform your extraction in a manner that preserves the integrity of the surrounding bone and gum tissue. When necessary, the extraction site can be supplemented with additional bone in preparation for the implant.

You may choose to have your new tooth placed at the time of your scheduled extraction, or you may come to your decision years after the tooth has been removed. In either scenario, your dental implant experience can be catered to meet your current circumstances. There is a chance however, that by postponing your implants for too long, you’ll run the risk of encountering shifting teeth and bone shrinkage at the implant site.

After a tooth extraction, your options include a realistic and attractive replacement. Contact our oral surgery team today to find out more.