Teeth In A Day (All On Four®)

Do you have failing teeth that are broken, stained and/or crooked? Are you avoiding going out in public to run errands, seeing your family and friends, or spending the night out with your spouse? Are you afraid to smile around family and friends or for photos? Are you avoiding certain foods? Are you always eating on one side or a particular area of your mouth? Do you have a denture that does not stay in your mouth?

Transform your smile in one day with the ALL ON FOUR ® treatment concept. This treatment is the best in its class of solutions. In one day, you will have an immediate improvement in eating, comfort, esthetics and speech. Enjoy life like you once did. Smile confidently. Eat the foods that you enjoy.

TEETH IN A DAY (ALL ON FOUR ®) is a revolutionary concept that replaces your missing teeth with fully functioning teeth on typically four dental implants. In one single procedure, fully functioning teeth can be made for the upper jaw, the lower jaw or both jaws. This technology involves an in-depth collaboration between a team of doctors and dental implant experts. This combination of surgical and prosthetic knowledge and experience is essential for long-term success. 

Advantages compared to conventional implant options:

  • all on 4 teeth in a day dental implants oral dental surgeryA cost effective solution. Your new smile is typically supported by 4 dental implants. Conventional dental implant treatments typically require 6 to 8 dental implants. With fewer dental implants required, the cost is lowered. 
  • Avoid complex bone grafting. The special tilting of dental implants makes bone grafting often unnecessary.
  • Faster treatment. Your new smile can be attached to your dental implants immediately and used immediately.
  • Faster recovery. Fewer dental implants and avoiding complex bone grafting means less surgery and a faster recovery.

This is a scientifically proven long-term solution documented in many studies showing a survival rate over 94.8%. 

At Newmarket Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery:

  • New smile in one day.
  • Your doctors are specialists.
  • Custom non-removable implant bridge.

The process starts with a consultation with our Prosthodontist. Detailed records are taken. This includes an in-depth analysis of your current smile, and a three-dimensional scan (also known as a cone beam computed tomography or CT scan) of your jaws. We will then custom design your new smile to your satisfaction including the color and shape of your new teeth. Once you are satisfied, then these records are reviewed carefully for a safe and accurate procedure to obtain a smile to your satisfaction. Book a consultation today.