Dental Implants: When is a ‘sinus lift’ recommended?

Over the last 30 years, the dental implant procedure has improved steadily. The use of dental implants has become more widespread and the procedure simplified. In return, the outcome is extremely predictable and success rates have soared to near 97%.

The great majority of adults with a single or multiple missing teeth can benefit from this treatment solution. In fact, dental implants are now the treatment of choice whenever a natural tooth is lost.

Still, with all of the advantages of state of the art tooth replacement, your oral surgeon must have the skill and vision to give you the best chance for a successful procedure. Your surgeon’s ability to identify possible obstacles or concerns prior to the start of your implant procedure is critical. Ensuring that you are healthy enough to tolerate surgery is of utmost importance.

Determining the appropriate location for which to place the implant is of equal importance. The selected location for dental implants must meet certain criteria. The space must be wide enough to accommodate your new tooth, and the underlying bone must be deep enough and dense enough to support the implant post.

Much of the dental implant’s success is related to its ability to integrate or fuse with the jaw bone. Defects or voids in the bone can make the implant unstable and lead to implant failure.

For the upper teeth, the position and size of the sinus cavity can directly impact your implant’s success. The sinus cavity is a void or opening in the bone which can be quite large and close to the surface in some patients. If the planned implant will need to extend into the area occupied by the sinus cavity, a sinus lift may be necessary.

Your oral surgeon can perform a delicate procedure in which the floor of the sinus cavity is lifted slightly and the remaining space filled with bone. This procedure may take place during the removal of an existing tooth, in preparation for a dental implant, or during the placement of a dental implant. Using this surgical technique to create a more favorable environment for your dental implant significantly improves your potential for long-term success.

Only your oral surgeon can determine if a sinus lift is right for you. Contact Ford Moore Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in the Upper York Region for your consultation.


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