Why Denture Wearers are Turning to Dental Implants

For adults who do not have any natural teeth, dentures can provide some of the advantages of real teeth. However, when denture wearers are ready to enjoy all of the advantages of their real teeth, they often turn to dental implants for a longer-lasting and more satisfying solution.

Conventional dentures are built upon a foundation that is constantly changing: the gums. The unstable nature of the gums makes it just about impossible to stabilize an entire denture. Plus, the constant friction between the base of the denture and the surface of the gums can create chronic irritation that often results in painful sores.

Under the gums, the bone that is normally stimulated by the roots of the teeth begins to atrophy and deteriorate. This further changes the shape and size of the gums, contributing to an ongoing challenge to keep the denture in place.

The frustrating cycle of denture relines, denture adhesives, sore spots, and deteriorating bone structure motivates many denture wearers to put their teeth in the nightstand drawer and just walk away. Rather than choose between life without teeth and a life with poorly fitting teeth, lots of adults are turning to dental implants.

Implants are made to bypass the instability of the gum tissue and anchor directly into the underlying bone for a steadier foundation. But, there’s another bonus: the implants are also an effective means of stimulating the bone, keeping it from becoming atrophic and thin.

Dental implants can be used to connect an upper or lower denture. This sort of implant-retained denture is available as a removable or permanent option, and it can eliminate virtually all of the complications associated with traditional dentures. Denture adhesives and relines can be left behind, and it’s still possible to enjoy a strong smile that won’t leave you frustrated.

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