Don’t wait too long to extract a damaged tooth

Some patients procrastinate on getting dental care for a number of reasons. Dental anxiety can often keep people out of the office, and with the busy pace of life these days, even patients who don’t fear the dentist can find it tough to squeeze in a visit.

Pain may prompt patients to seek treatment, but even if pain is not present, an oral surgeon is still likely to recommend removal of a damaged tooth.

In fact, a tooth that is damaged by injury or decay requires a prompt trip to the oral surgeon. Any delay can lead to more problems and make the extraction more challenging.

One potential problem associated with a damaged tooth is an increased risk of infection, especially if the damage has exposed the tooth’s sensitive inner pulp. Not only can such an infection wreak havoc on the mouth, it can spread throughout the body. If oral bacteria can reach the pulp, an abscess may form. In cases of severe infection, it can be difficult to get that problem under control before the oral surgeon can proceed with extraction.

Leaving a damaged tooth in place can also compromise the bone structure, and jawbone breakdown can put the other teeth at risk. Furthermore, damaged jawbone can limit the patient’s eligibility to pursue a dental implant to replace the extracted tooth.

If the tooth in question is a wisdom tooth, it’s particularly important to have it removed in a timely fashion, as these large teeth can be problematic even when they are intact.

Patients may be concerned about the unsightliness of a gap in the smile after extraction, but lifelike replacement teeth are now available, thanks to the advanced technology of dental implants.

If you’ve been putting off extraction of a damaged tooth, schedule an appointment for an evaluation soon. Patients who fear the procedure should discuss anesthetic and sedation options to ensure that they will have maximum comfort.

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