Options for Replacing Multiple Teeth

If you think that dental implants can only be used to replace a single missing tooth, rest assured that patients who have lost multiple teeth can also take advantage of this cutting-edge dental technology.

Patients who need to replace a stretch of absent teeth or even a completely empty arch or mouthful can collaborate with oral surgeons to get this valuable treatment option.

Dental implants can support a fixed permanent bridge or a prosthetic upper or lower arch. Certain techniques even permit oral surgeons to place dental implants in patients with significant bone loss, which had presented challenges to dental implant success in the past.

When you need to replace missing teeth, you want to choose a stable treatment option that will stand the test of time. Dental implants outshine the alternatives in this aspect. These implants are made of titanium, which can integrate with the bone, forming a permanent fixture in the jaw.

In merging with the bone, dental implants also serve as a stabilizing force. They prevent jawbone resorption that occurs in the absence of the tooth structures found underneath the gums.

In comparison, dentures, partials and bridges, which only replace the visible part of the teeth, need to be refitted periodically and sometimes replaced as the jawbone erodes over time and the appliance loses its fit.

Conventional dental bridges can also have a negative impact on surrounding teeth because they require healthy enamel to be sacrificed to accommodate the crown that supports the bridge. On the other hand, dental implants stand alone and require no structural support from the other teeth. This characteristic also makes dental implants more appealing to some patients.

Dental implants support high-quality lifelike restorations, with an aesthetic quite similar to biological teeth.

Have you resigned yourself to an unattractive bridge, partial or denture because of multiple missing teeth? Consider dental implants instead. Dr. K. Ford Moore, your oral surgeon serving Aurora and surrounding areas, can give you guidance on possible treatments for your case.


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