Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge

dental implants auroraThere are positive aspects to dental implants as well as a dental bridge.  But if you are seeking a result that is most like returning to your own natural teeth, a visit with your oral surgeon to discuss dental implants in Aurora would be very beneficial to you.

A dental bridge can best be described by imagining a road bridge.  The purpose of a bridge is to fill in a space that is connected at two points.  A dental bridge is used to replace one or more teeth and connects to teeth on both ends to give it stability.

A dental implant is a surgically implanted screw that is designed to fuse to the jaw bone to act much like the root of your tooth.  Your oral surgeon will place one dental implant for a single restoration, or more than one if many teeth are being restored.  Once healed, the dental implant is covered by a permanent restoration that is made to match the surrounding teeth in both shape and shade.

Although both the dental implant and fixed dental bridge are permanent restorations, only the dental implant allows you to eat, speak, smile and laugh with total confidence without the fear of giving away your dental treatment.  Since a dental implant basically becomes part of your anatomy, the crown or restoration attached to your implant will also feel much like your own teeth.

Both a dental bridge and dental implant can fill in spaces where you have missing teeth.  And both dental treatments can provide you with natural looking results.  However, with dental implants you have a durable solution that is more like having your own teeth back.  There are no brackets or metal bands needed, nor do you involve any of your natural teeth for support with dental implants.

You can expect a dental bridge to last approximately ten years.  With proper care, a dental implant can create many more years filled with eating the foods you love without worry, speaking without any telltale signs of your dental work and laughing without wondering if you are exposing the metal used to keep that dental bridge in place.

A meeting with Dr. K. Ford Moore to assess your health and overall dental needs is the first step to realizing how carefree life can be with your new natural looking and feeling teeth thanks to dental implants.

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