Preserve natural teeth with dental implants

As dental technology advances, dentists and patients are approaching dentistry from a different perspective. Replacing missing teeth and addressing cavities has always been a goal in dentistry.  Over time, the techniques that are used to manage dental issues have become much more streamlined and sophisticated.

Just as tooth-colored, bonded fillings have replaced silver amalgams, so have dental implants replaced bridges and dentures. The goal in dentistry has shifted towards conserving as much tooth structure as possible, while maintaining esthetics whenever possible. Using a tooth-colored filling allows your dentist to remain conservative in the amount of tooth structure that must be removed. Placing a dental implant allows your dentist to replace single missing tooth without modifying or changing the adjacent teeth.

If you are considering dental implants in Aurora Ontario, you may be pleased to know that the benefits of dental implants extend far beyond simply replacing a tooth. By design, dental implants serve many important functions:

  • Restores lost chewing efficiency
  • Preserves natural, neighboring teeth
  • Preserves bone structure
  • Provides support for the adjacent teeth

Dental implants, typically placed by an oral surgeon, are bonded directly to the jaw bone. When the implant has fully healed, it is strong enough to stand up on its own, with no need to attach to another tooth. Compared to removable partials which clasp onto the other teeth, or bridges which are permanently cemented to the adjacent teeth, dental implants are incredibly conservative.

In addition to conserving natural tooth structure, dental implants are also clinically proven to conserve the underlying bone structure. By permanently integrating with the jaw bone, the implant stops the process of bone loss, a naturally occurring circumstance of tooth loss.

Dental implants have become increasingly popular over the last 3 decades because of their versatility and esthetic appeal. Oral surgeons especially appreciate the ability to replace missing teeth without compromising the remaining natural teeth. Millions of dental implant patients have grown to appreciate this benefit as well.

If replacing your missing tooth while preserving your natural teeth is an important consideration for you, contact the office of Dr. K. Ford Moore at 905-853-3727 to schedule your appointment right away.