Dental implants: An overview

dental implants NewmarketPermanent teeth can be compromised by any number of factors, ranging from trauma to advanced decay. In some cases, the damage is so severe that the tooth either falls out or must be extracted. Even a single missing tooth can have a major negative impact on the smile’s appearance, so it’s no wonder that patients want to fill in any gaps without delay.

Dental implants, the most advanced tooth replacement treatment available, are popular for this purpose. Implants can be used to fill in for a single tooth or to anchor an entire arch of artificial teeth in lieu of uncomfortable dentures. An oral surgeon can place the implants in a single outpatient appointment, even when multiple implants are needed to hold an entire arch of teeth in place.

Implant technology is based on titanium, a biocompatible metal that fuses with the jaw bone over time. Because the implants, which look like small screws, are made of titanium, they are able to integrate with the bone, offering a structure as stable and strong as a natural tooth’s root.

This characteristic renders dental implants far superior to other tooth replacement alternatives. In replacing the missing root, the implant helps to prevent erosion of the jaw bone in the tooth’s absence.

The implant is topped with an artificial tooth-shaped cap, which is designed to fit in with the patient’s natural smile. Implants are rarely noticeable, although bridges can stand out from the other teeth and dentures often slip out of place, drawing attention to themselves.

In many ways, implants require little care beyond the routine oral hygiene habits that patients use to care for their natural teeth. Unlike fixed permanent bridges, implants offer access to the gum line, so no special flossing or brushing techniques are necessary to keep the area clean. Implants don’t require any dietary adjustments, either. Implant patients should avoid biting directly into very hard objects, though, to extend the life of the implant.

If you are missing a tooth, consider dental implants in Newmarket as a replacement to take advantage of all of the benefits it offers. Call the office of Dr. K. Ford Moore at  905-853-3727 to schedule your consultation today.

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