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Options for Replacing a Single Tooth

A single missing tooth can have further ramifications for a person’s oral health than just compromising their smile. A missing tooth can lead to other teeth becoming loose, increasing the chances of further tooth loss. However through a range of solutions such as dentures, dental bridges or dental implants, an oral surgeon can not only […]

Is a bone graft required for dental implants?

Dental implants offer the best tooth replacement technology available, outperforming their counterparts, like bridges and dentures, in terms of both form and function. Implant dentistry is so effective because of dental implant mechanics. Implants are small screws that are made of titanium, which is compatible with the jaw bone. This design allows the implant to […]

Dental implants: An overview

Permanent teeth can be compromised by any number of factors, ranging from trauma to advanced decay. In some cases, the damage is so severe that the tooth either falls out or must be extracted. Even a single missing tooth can have a major negative impact on the smile’s appearance, so it’s no wonder that patients […]