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Wisdom Teeth Removal: Stop health problems before they start

Many patients are tempted to postpone wisdom teeth extraction if they’re not experiencing any problematic symptoms. This decision can ultimately have negative effects on oral health, however, as the wisdom teeth can cause numerous problems in the mouth. As human jaws have become smaller and our diets less fibrous, the wisdom teeth have become somewhat […]

What is an Abscessed Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are a throwback to our ancestors, who used them to chew food. Through time, our jaws have become smaller and more compact, and so wisdom teeth have become redundant in modern life. We still grow them, however, and for many people they are a nuisance. Wisdom tooth impactions are a common dental complaint […]

Tips for a Smooth Recovery after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The most critical part of the recovery process following your wisdom teeth extraction actually takes place before the day of your surgery. Even though it’s common for most patients to have the wisdom teeth removed, each surgery is unique. During your initial consultation, your oral surgeon and the dental team will explain the details of […]

Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Maintain your smile and your quality of life

Although wisdom teeth once served a valuable purpose for the earliest humans, the third molars no longer have an important function and the modern jaw is rarely ever large enough to accommodate them. Therefore, patients should consult with an oral surgeon to have their wisdom teeth removed before age 25. It is easier to remove […]

Detriment of Not Diagnosing and Treating Wisdom Teeth Impactions

Wisdom teeth typically appear in the late-teens or early 20s, and they are the last set of teeth to be developed by the mouth. Wisdom teeth are also known as third-molars, but are largely redundant teeth. Ancestors used wisdom teeth to help with chewing and grinding, but over time their use has faded and for […]

Is it time to have your wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth appear in a person’s late teens or early-twenties and they are the third and final set of molars that people develop. Not everyone gets wisdom teeth, but in many cases, for those that do, they can bring complications. Wisdom teeth, as molars, can be a fine asset when it comes to chewing and […]