Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Maintain your smile and your quality of life

Although wisdom teeth once served a valuable purpose for the earliest humans, the third molars no longer have an important function and the modern jaw is rarely ever large enough to accommodate them.

Therefore, patients should consult with an oral surgeon to have their wisdom teeth removed before age 25. It is easier to remove the wisdom teeth when patients are younger because the roots are shorter and less solidified in the bone. Of course, patients of any age who still have their wisdom teeth may be advised to get them removed.

Having your wisdom teeth extracted will give you a number of benefits for years to come.

Did you realize that as the wisdom teeth continue to attempt to push through the gums, they can knock the other teeth out of alignment? This process can render years of orthodontic treatment useless and end up putting you back in braces.

Beyond ruining your smile’s aesthetics, impacted wisdom teeth can have other negative effects, too. Because they are located at the rear of the mouth, it’s especially difficult to keep impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth clean.

The wisdom teeth can collect bacteria, which can then do major damage to the teeth and gums. Those bacteria can attack various structures in the mouth, including gums and bone, which can put the other teeth at risk.

The bacteria may even reach the inner core of the tooth, where they can create painful infections known as abscesses. The inner structures of the teeth have a direct connection to the bloodstream, so the bacteria can also spread throughout the body.

Tumors and cysts can also arise within impacted wisdom teeth, and these teeth can cause discomfort as they attempt to work their way into the rest of the smile.

Wisdom teeth can have serious and detrimental effects on your smile’s appearance and your oral health. To learn more about the advantages of having your wisdom teeth extracted, contact Ford Moore Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for a consultation.