Tips for a Smooth Recovery after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The most critical part of the recovery process following your wisdom teeth extraction actually takes place before the day of your surgery.

Even though it’s common for most patients to have the wisdom teeth removed, each surgery is unique. During your initial consultation, your oral surgeon and the dental team will explain the details of your condition, review the advantages and disadvantages of the surgery, and explain the post-operative instructions.

You will have an opportunity to absorb the specifics of the surgery and ask questions to ensure that you understand exactly what you should expect both during and after the procedure. The level of communication during your consultation is especially important since it may be difficult to impossible to do so immediately after your treatment.

Remember to ask for written or online post-operative instructions that you can review at home prior to your appointment. When you feel comfortable and relaxed, you’ll be able to use that information to ensure that you are well-prepared by stocking nutritious foods and beverages, obtaining ice packs or heating pads if necessary, and you may even need to recruit childcare assistance if you expect to be under the influence of prescription pain medications.

Once your surgery is complete, you may be under the influence of anesthesia, and unable to fully comprehend the information that is provided for you. That’s why it so important to be well-informed prior to the day of your appointment. It also helps to be accompanied by a responsible adult driver who can listen in on your surgeon’s instructions in order to assist you once you arrive at home.

Your post-operative instructions are designed to keep you comfortable and promote proper healing once you leave the dental office. Adhering to these instructions will help to minimize swelling and discomfort, control bleeding, and prevent any complications such as infection or dry socket.

For more detailed and customized information regarding the recovery period following the extraction of your wisdom teeth, contact Ford Moore Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for an appointment today.